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 Pitbull Standard

HEAD Medium length. Bricklike in shape. Skull flat and widest at ears, with prominent cheeks free from wrinkles.
MUZZLE Square, wide and deep. Well pronounced jaws, displaying strength. Upper teeth should meet tightly over lower teeth, outside in front.
EARS Cropped or uncropped. Should set hogh on head, and be free from wrinkles.
EYES Round. Should set far apart, low down on skull. Any colour acceptable.
NOSE Wide open nostrils. Any colour acceptable.
NECK Muscular. Slighlty arched. Tapering from shoulder to head. Free from looseness of skin.
SHOULDERS Strong and muscular, with wide sloping shoulder blades.
BACK Short and strong. Slightly sloping from withers to rump. Slightly arched at loins, which should be slightly tucked.
CHEST Deep, but not too broad, with wide sprung ribs.
RIBS Close. Well sprung, with deep back ribs.
TAIL Short in comparison to size. Set low and tapering to a fine point. Not carried over back. Bobbed tail not acceptable.
LEGS Large, round-boned, with straight, upright pasterns, reasonably strong. Feet to be of medium size. Gait should be light and springy.
THIGHS Long with muscles developed. Hocks down and straight.
COAT Glossy. Short and stiff to the touch.
COLOUR Any colour or marking permissible.
WEIGHT Not important. Females preferred from 40 to 60 pounds. Males from 55 to 75 pounds.


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