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Caution of treatment

  • Dipping

    I've done a whole article on dipping. Done "right" it helps immeasurably!!! It can kill the mites and the right shampoo can flush the residue away and the animal has a CHANCE to heal and the immune system to begin to DEVELOP (rather than just being totally sapped!)


    Dipping done without care or without WATCHFUL supervision can be disastrous!

    Amitraz (whether you use the brand "Mitaban" or some other) is actually a strong pesticide. If dipping is done carelessly and the animal slurps at this stuff running down it's face/body - or if it's left alone after the dipping to lick itself - you WILL have a mega sick pup!!!

    I'm not saying "don't" - I'm saying be careful. If you want the benefit of my 'experiences' see the section on dipping.
  • Ivermectin-based products

    Instead of dipping, some vets suggest trying daily doses of Ivermectin (it's something "new" to try). It's "easier" (most recommend putting it over food). BUT Ivermectin liquid is actually the same stuff that you give your dog as "once a month heartworm preventive" (a pill usually) and they're giving that dose to them daily.

    I've seen a number of "cautions" that you should AVOID any excessive dosage of Ivermectin for any "herding dog" - such as collies or shelties - or any mix with "herding dog" blood in him One of my favorite reference books, "The Pill Book Guide to Medication for your Dog and Cat", recommends that herding breeds/mixes should be given no more than the dose for heartworm prevention (0.003 - 0.0066 mg per lb). This is way below the DAILY dose for demodex treatment (0.27 mg per lb every day for 90 days). So the simple rule is: -

    If you even suspect your animal is partly any kind of herding dog - DON'T TREAT HIS DEMODEX WITH IVERMECTIN!!!

    The Pill Book's theory is that herding dogs have a more permeable barrier between the blood and the brain. From my own experience, I have my mostly-sheltie, Foxy, on almost a half dose of heartworm preventive and it STILL makes him act sick! .


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