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 Pit Bull Gallery

Here are some Pictures I got from the internet, given by friends and personal collections.

*** DOZER ***

He is the best of the best...!!!


*** Kiawa ***

Trained in over 30 commands. 

Has done TV commercials. 

He used to place movies in his mouth and take him to the store to return them.  

He have a backpack for him to carry things. He loves to pull a man on a stakeboard.

Very strong dog. 

Loves to climb trees. Bites extremely hard.

He is poisoned proof.  

You can take a slice of roast beef. Place it in his mouth, close his mouth with your hands. 

And hold it there for 15mins and once you let go, he will spit it out.

He is a kind a dog You'll never worried about. More like a person. 

He is tough as nails. 

You can be sure that the house was protected.

A lot of control.

He is a proven stud dog.


*** Butch ***


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